SVT Guide

The Social Value Toolkit (SVT) seeks to be a common language for social value measurement among Social Enterprises (SE)s. It is a guide to help SEs determine and measure their social value to monitor and assess their social outcomes. The SVT can be used to generate a social value report for Social Enterprises to articulate their social value to relevant stakeholders such as the public and funders.


Overview of the Process



Data Preparation & Collection (Steps 1 & 2)


1. Choose the relevant social impact “Outcome Areas”, “Outcome Metrics” & “Indicators" for your organisation. For a full listing of the outcome area, metrics and indicators, please download the list.


An example of what an “Outcome Areas”, “Outcome Metrics” & “Indicators"


If you are more familiar with the United Nations Sustainable Development (UN SDG) terminology, the table below will help you to find the most relevant "Outcome Area"


2. Decide on a target goal for each indicator. Then collect the data for each indicator over the course of the year.


Data Entry into the Social Value Toolkit (Steps 3, 4, 5)


3. In the web portal, select your organisation’s “Outcome Areas” in either the raiSE or UN SDG terminology. Then you will select your relevant “Outcome Metrics” of each “Outcome Area” chosen. Finally, select the relevant “Indicators” that you are measuring and using to track your social impact.

4. Enter the actual data for the past year and the target for the next year for each indicator. You will be able to add more indicators if needed.

5. Indicate the collection method of the data and any remarks that will support your data.


Report Generation (Steps 6 & 7)


6. After confirming the validity of the data provided, you will submit the data. A report will be generated which shows the graphical representation of your data. This report can be downloaded as a PDF and shared with your stakeholders or kept for your records.

7. As you add more data points over time (once every year), you will be able to view and track your indicators and performance (target vs actual). This feature is currently available for our raiSE Social Enterprise members.


More Information


Download the SVT Guide

The guide explains in more detail the background, purpose, and methods used to determine social value through your social impact.

Launch SVT E-module

The e-module is designed to help you learn more about our SVT, Theory of Change, SEs using the SVT, and activities to help guide you in using and deploying the SVT for your organisation. This is a fee-based e-module with a certificate of completion given to successful learners.