As an SME in Singapore, Social Enterprises are eligible to receive government grants for various business-related functions, hence at raiSE, our focus remains on providing support towards the creation of human-centered social impact, thus leveling the playing field for Social Enterprises as they commit to a double bottom line of generating financial returns and social impact creation.

Here are some financing options available for our Social Enterprise Members:

The VFG grant supports committed Social Enterprises with a sustainable business model in creating more human-centred social impact with up to $300,000 in grant funding.

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SIA is Asia’s first VC-backed accelerator for socially-impactful enterprises with proven revenues, and scalable impactful solutions.

Applications for cohort 2 (2023) are now open!

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RIF+ provides growth capital and capability development support to high-potential SEs.

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For more details about the raiSE Social Enterprise
membership, please visit our membership page.